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    Kids Who See Ghosts 

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Kids Who See Ghosts   
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The children of the new millennium are here with abundant and amazing gifts.  When not embraced by their peers and society at-large, the journey of both child and their family can be scary, isolating and confusing.  Come connect with others, find answers and support for your phenomenal child, and realize you are not alone.

Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children and the Children of Now are just a few accurate terms used to describe these incredible youth; however, we recognize labels do not encompass the fullness of who these children are and may only serve to make their early life more confusing or limiting.  The term “psychic” incorporates all these names and more … who are we to say why or how these kids are psychic.  Instead, PeeKS Group strives to support these amazing families in discovering and managing the phenomena they find occurring around them.